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Information – Enlightening - Training of bodies and other NGOs,employees, unemployed and inactive persons


  1. Members of the CGEO  visit, in regular intervals, places of work, in cooperation with members of DEOK, and inform the employees regarding the harmonizing Legislations which concern the equality of the two genders.

  2. In cooperation with Municipalities and Communities, meetings are organized, in which the harmonizing Legislations are developed, which concern the equality of the genders in the workplace and for the employment advisory unit of CGEO.

  3. Organisation of training seminars/conferences on equality of the genders issues.

  4. Organisation of a translational conference on the Reconciliation of Professional and Family life (Cyprus, Greece, Spain).

  5. Training of Equality advisors and the application of Reconciliation Plans in businesses/ organizations. 

  6. Training of trade unionists for the inclusion of gender dimension in collective agreements.