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Dear friends,

Welcome to Cyprus Gender Equality Observatory. I hope you find interesting and useful information on gender equality issues in our website. Cyprus Gender Equality Observatory - CGEO has been established in the minds of people and organizations through our collaboration with them, as an institution at the forefront on issues of gender equality.


Equal pay, sexual harassment in the workplace, gender equality within the family, work, administration, reconciliation of family and work, equal opportunities in employment and the European perspective, the impact of globalization and economic crisis to working women, the importance of lifelong education, positive actions for women, are just some of the topics that occupied us till today.


At this point I want to stress out emphatically that gender issues are not women's issue. It concerns society in general. It concerns all citizens and all stakeholders anywhere they operate. Gender equality is more than just a goal, it is the precondition for achieving the eradication of poverty, promoting development, building good governance. It is the prerequisite for building a better world. Gender equality is a responsibility and obligation of all of us.


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